Selena Gomez Pregnant: Rumours Prove Baseless, Selena is Moving on With Boyfriend Zedd!

On a recent interview in V Magazine she had said that she was drawn to Bieber because they were both young and had the same experiences and felt there was a bond, but they grew up and realised that some things are not meant to. Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd have come out on the social media to reveal that they are indeed together.

There was speculation that the two are together as a publicity stunt, but the couple has denied that and has said it’s for real. With the social media teeming with photos of the two together and with Selena Gomez looking happier than she has ever been in the past one year, things look up for her.

With new rumours of a pregnancy again doing the rounds, the couple has decided to turn a blind eye to it and let time reveal things. They have better and more important things to focus on.

The fans of Selena Gomez hope that the girl reaches new heights of greatness in the new start to her career and life.