Johnny Depp Sends His Dogs Back Home After Death Threat, More Details

The country has a policy where the owners have to apply for a permit and quarantine within 10 days of reaching the country. This drama over Johnny Depp’s pooches had started a huge uproar on social media with the hashtag #WarOnTerrier becoming popular.

Joyce has received both negative reviews as well as commendations for upholding Australian law. Joyce has upheld the fact that they cannot make a lee-way for Johnny Depp since he is a famous actor. The law is equal for all.

The department learnt about the presence of the two dogs when they were being taken to a groomer at the Happy Dogz salon and were photographed there. There is an investigation going on to find out how they left the Brisbane Airport without a permit.

After the pet crisis, it was rumored that Johnny Depp will make an appearance at the Motley Crue’s performance at Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Alice Cooper was back in town for a rock ‘n’ roll theatre.

Crue had on his huge hair and wild hair on for a night of live music that captivated the audience and the social media was abuzz with fans talking about how amazing the performance was.

Johnny Depp’s two dogs have gone back home accompanied by their vet. It is still not clear if Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard has accompanied the dogs.