Transformers 5: Paramount Studios Doing its Best to Get Michael on Board, Megan Fox’s Return Under Question, And More

There has been a lot of rumours surrounding Transformers 5. The latest one suggests that the director’s chair will not be occupied by Michael Bay. Sources report that Michael Bay has bid a farewell to the Transformers series.

Reports suggest that the 5th edition of Transformers will be directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who in the past has directed famous movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jonathan Liebesman happens to be a prodigy of Michael Bay. It was this reason why Paramount Studios eventually agreed to let Jonathan direct Transformers 5.

Just when people began to think that Michael Bay has nothing more to do with Transformers, Paramount Studios called him to help out writers in the expansion of the Transformers universe. The primary objective of the writer’s room is to ideate and come out with new ideas to expand Transformers universe.

In the recent past there have been reports, which suggest that the company is trying to change Michael Bay’s decision and get him back on board for the much awaited Transformers 5. It is clear that Paramount Studio just does not want to miss out on the magical winning formula that Bay has used to make the previous four instalments of Transformers super hits.

This certainly comes in as a bad news for Jonathan Liebesman as it means that his opportunity to direct Transformers 5 seems to be bleak. He will be put on one of the spinoff films that will be made on this successful franchise.

None of these rumours have got any official confirmation so far. We are awaiting any sort of confirmation from Michael’s end. Even Paramount Studio has decided to stay tight-lipped about this issue. As of now, there are only speculations and the fans need to be patient to receive any kind of official word from either ends.

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  1. I agree I want both megan fox and shira to come back alone with Mark Warburg and his daughter in the last one please it would make it a great one please I beg u

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