Johnny Depp Sends His Dogs Back Home After Death Threat, More Details

Jack Sparrow has got the better off of Davy Jones, Hector Barbossa, Lord Cutler Beckett and Blackbeard, but the actor met his match in the Australian Agriculture minister, Barnaby Joyce. Johnny Depp is currently shooting for the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean in Australia and he had brought along two of his adorable little pooches, Boo and Pistol.

The two of the most pampered dogs in the world, Boo and Pistol could never imagine that they will be forced to leave a country to face death. The Agriculture Minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce has threatened to get the dogs euthanized if they do not leave the Australian soil within a stipulated time. True to his manner, the minister did not mince words in blaming Johnny Depp for sneaking in his dogs to Australia.

Following the threat, an officer from the Department of Agriculture collected the dogs from the actor’s residence where the two puppies were quarantined and sent them to California aboard a flight before the deadline to remove them from Australia expired.

This move has angered quite a few dog owners who felt that the threat was unnecessary given that it is evident that Pistol and Boo are puppies and who are well groomed and taken care of. The two are the pets of the famed actor Johnny Depp and that is evidence enough that they are not carriers of rabies.

Australia has very strict quarantine rules regarding rabies and it applies to all breeds and types of dog without any exceptions. The same rules apply to the most disease ridden dog to the poshest of them.

There is high rabies count in Bali and there are chances of celebrities carrying their pets there with them on their holidays and Australia doesn’t want to risk a rabies outbreak in their dingo population as this will detrimentally impact the eco-system of the country.