GoPro Hero 5: Dual Lens for 3D Videos, Better Battery Life, No Official Release Date, And More

GoPro is the go to camera for those who wish to document their adventures. With the market booming for image shooters and action video recorders there is a lot of speculations about whats going to be next from GoPro.

GoPro has established a brand name when it comes to action cameras and those who want to purchase an action camera prefer to go for GoPro instead of the other top competitors in the market.

GoPro is currently ruling the market with their GoPro Hero 4, which was released late last year. It is one of the best action cameras available in the market with a good battery life, 30 frames per second frame rate and multiple connectivity options. With such good features an affordable price range, there is no doubt as to why GoPro is the best.

With GoPro Hero 4 being a huge success, the company is already planning to reveal the GoPro Hero 5. There has been no official news yet, but if the rumors that are doing the rounds in the internet are to be believed then GoPro Hero 5 is going to be better than even Hero 4.

There are speculations that GoPro Hero 5 can be used to capture 3D videos and will also feature dual lens. These features along with the 8K resolution are going to make GoPro Hero 5 the ruler in the market for image and video shooters.

GoPro Hero 5 is also believed be loaded with a battery life with a 2800 mAh. This might enable GoPro Hero 5 users to shoot a video continuously for 2 hours with only a single charge. The camera will also come laden with a 4.0 Bluetooth to help the users transfer files easily.

GoPro Hero 5 was expected to hit the market sometime around October this year, but according to Christian Today, the release date has been pushed back to 2016 because the company is making improvements in the camera to make it the best camera to shoot with.