GoPro Hero 5: Dual Lens for 3D Videos, Better Battery Life, No Official Release Date, And More

GoPro has decided to introduce some changes that will make Hero 5 are more powerful camera. They are incorporating the A10 chipset that will allow the camera to record 8K videos with a pixel resolution of 3840X2160 at a rate of 60 frames every second.

This feature is a marked improvement from the previous version as well as the other cameras available in the same segment. They all offer a 4K recording at only 30 frames per second.

There are doubts about how the 8K resolution feature would blend in and support the 3D video recording option; however, this is something fans are waiting for until the official specs details are revealed.

GoPro Hero 5 will also have additional features like HDMI ports, Wi-Fi compatibility and a waterproof technology that can allow the camera to be functional even at 60 meters below the water.

With the usual features of live streaming and uploading photos and videos, the additional feature of 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, helps the users share their action video and photos even more effortlessly.

The camera manufacturers have kept the design similar, but are rumoured to have incorporated Quadcopter option along with an additional mic for recording surround sound.