Jennifer Lopez Shares the Secret Behind Her Fit Body and Great Skin, Spotted In New York Shooting for Second Season of Shades of Blue, And More!

Just in the recent past, Lopez shed some light on her life and her relation with her kids. She stated that neither she nor her kids had a life that is normal. She added that she has accepted the fact that she and her kids cannot have a normal life.

She went on to state that a number of people asks her to send her kids to school. However, she added that her kids are quite happy the way they are. They will get their education through the method of homeschooling. That way, they will be able to be with their mother and so they won’t feel abandoned.

Lopez expressed her desire to be with them during their childhood. She added that the thing will pass very fast and thus she did not want to miss it at all.

Jennifer Lopez recently wished Happy Birthday to her sister Lynda through Instagram who turned 45 on Tuesday. She shared an old picture of herself with her sister and wrote in the caption that the picture said it all. She added that it was one of her favorite pictures with her sister. In the picture Lynda could be seen embracing Jennifer Lopez in a warm hug. Lopez too could be seen embracing her sister.

She signed off stating that they are always there for each other and then went on to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

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