Latest Apple iPhone 7 Leaks Point Towards a Brand New Home Button, Likely to Have a Similar Form Factor as the iPhone 6!

The iPhone 7 from the house of Apple is one of the most anticipated smartphones in recent times. Numerous rumors related to the device have already been building up on the internet for quite some time. A number of leaks have provided an idea as to how the device might look.

The latest reports state that there is another leaked image that is currently floating around. Apparently, the leak comes courtesy of Mobipicker, which has released an image that shows the supposed iPhone 7 having a different kind of home button.

It was reported that the home button on the iPhone 7 will not be an actual button. Instead, it will just be a touch sensitive surface. The “button” is perfectly at level with the rest of the surface of the phone.

This comes with an added advantage, it being that the developers will be able to seal all gaps and make the phone water resistant. Incorporating a button requires a certain gap to be left beneath the surface so that the button has the space to go down when it is pressed by the user.

However, the touch sensitive surface will not require any such gap to be kept and thus it will work towards making the phone better at water resistivity. The fingerprint sensor will be built in the touch sensitive surface and users will be able to unlock it just by touching the surface.

Different kinds of functions could be incorporated into the surface depending on the number of times it is touched or tapped. Apparently, it will work towards making the device more durable. Removal of moving parts from a phone makes it more sturdy and there is also a lesser chance of the home button malfunctioning due to excessive pressing.

Apple had reportedly applied for a patent back in March for a technology called the “bulk amorphous alloy pressure sensor”. The thing is actually a touch sensitive surface and it could be that Apple is applying this technology in the iPhone 7.

It should be mentioned here that the images that have been leaked are quite sketchy and chances are that they are fake. There has been no official backing behind these claims as of yet.

Various reports state that the Touch ID sensor that will be included in the iPhone 7 will be much advanced than the ones found in previous iterations of iPhone. It will be snappier and smoother.

The 3D Touch pressure sensitivity is likely to be included in the device. This will allow users to perform various different tasks by applying different amounts of pressures. The 3D touch pressure sensor will recognize the amount of pressure applied and perform a specific task that has been assigned for that amount of pressure.

This technology was first used in the iPhone 6 lineup and it might be built into the touch sensitive home button of the iPhone 7.

In other news, reports are coming in that suggest that the iPhone 7 will not be seeing major upgrades when it comes to design. Instead, it will have quite a similar form factor as that of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 8 however, will get a major overhaul in this department.

Analyst Kulbinder Garcha is of the opinion that the iPhone 8 will sport a 5.8-inch AMOLED display. It will have a curved glass casing and will come sans the home button. The haptic feedback on the device will be much better compared to its predecessors. The device will be thinner and it might come with the support for wireless charging.