Jennifer Lopez Shares the Secret Behind Her Fit Body and Great Skin, Spotted In New York Shooting for Second Season of Shades of Blue, And More!

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, dancer, actress, producer, author and fashion designer who was born on July 24, 1969. She recently came forward with certain insights behind her glowing wrinkle-free skin.

She revealed that she drinks plenty of water and it helps her exercise harder which ultimately reflects on her body and skin. She stated- “Drink plenty water, especially before you go for a workout. It can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine.”

She added that she makes sure that she is eating the right things. She goes for the healthy options whenever she is having food outside. She also carries snacks and eats them whenever she has cravings for unhealthy foods.

Protein is something that she keeps with herself all the time. She stated that it satisfies her hunger and prevents her from getting hungry for a longer period of time. Fruits and vegetables are also some things that can always be found with her whenever she is travelling.

Lopez also revealed that dancing makes her happy. It has been a significant part of her life and she loves to indulge herself in dancing. It also helps her to stay fit and healthy.

In other news, it was seen in the recent past that Mariah Carey dissed out Jennifer Lopez by stating that she did not know who she was. Apparently, it did not go down well with Demi Lovato, who is a good friend of Lopez.

She recently took to social media to criticize Mariah for dissing Jennifer Lopez. The event was triggered by a fan who posted a meme of Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande with the caption- “When you order it online vs. when it arrives.” The fan wanted to imply that Ariana Grande was a downgraded version of Mariah Carey.

Demi Lovato retorted at the fan by stating- “You got it the wrong way around honey.” She went on to state that Mariah Carey has this nasty habit of dissing people. She referred to her denial of knowing Jennifer Lopez and stated that it was not right on Mariah’s part to diss Lopez in that manner.

Lopez was recently spotted in New York shooting for the second season of Shades of Blue. She was seen wearing a cream colored silk shirt over a pair of blue ripped jeans. She also dawned a trench coat over her shirt and it has to be said that she was looking quite stunning in the outfit.

She was ready to shoot for the show in which she plays the character of Harlee Santos. She completed her look with a pair of white sneakers. Her hair was perfectly styled up for the purpose of the shoot. A hint of dark mascara could be spotted around her eyes.

Prior to the shooting, she arrived at the location wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a pair of black leggings. A pair of dark aviators sat firmly across her face. She was not wearing any kind of makeup and her hair was done in a messy bun.

Her boyfriend Casper Smart decided to drop by the shooting location to provide some company to his lover. They were seen chatting and having a good time at the sidelines between takes.

It has just been reported that Breaking Bad famed Anna Gunn has been roped in by the showrunners of Shades of Blue to play a part in its upcoming season. She will be appearing on the show as a recurring guest-star. Gunn will be seen playing the role of a rising Councilman who is set to run for Mayor.