Jared Leto: Fans Not Happy With Joker’s New Look, Threatens To Stop His Streaming Website!

Jared Leto is known for going through massive transformations to get into the skin of the character that he portrays. For his role in Dallas Buyers Club, where he played the role of a transgender affected by AIDS, he lost 40lbs.

Jared Leto had started a live-streaming website where his fans could subscribe and get access to exclusive contents. Called VyRT.com, it is meant to offer an advertisement free platform for viewers to watch exclusive contents and videos, in return for paying a minimal monthly subscription fee.

Leto has become infuriated by his fans who have gone ahead and shared exclusive contents available on VyRT.com online in another platforms. He was offended that fans were sharing these contents to others for free, while some were paying for the contents.

He took to Twitter to urge people to stop this issue of piracy and has threatened that if this continues he will shut down VyRT.com for good and prevent fans from accessing these exclusive contents.