Star Wars Episode 7: Abrams Confirms Luca’s Ideas Were Scrapped, Lucas Excited About The New Film, And More!

It was back in January when the news that George Lucas’ thoughts and ideas over Star Wars universe will not be used by J. J. Abrams and his team, had surfaced. The production house had decided to swing in a different direction for the upcoming movie that is named Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The time has come when we finally have some authentic news about the Star Wars series. J. J. Abrams has gone ahead to clarify the news with regards to dropping the idea of Lucas’ Star War. Recently in an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, the director of the popular series went ahead to give fans news as to what can be expected in the 7th episode of Star Wars.

Abrams spoke candidly to give a broad idea about the things that will feature in the 7th episode of Star called The Force Awakens and also the elements that will miss the final cut. Abrams said that the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas had very little to do with the final output that has come out.

In the original idea that Lucas had for Star Wars before Disney bought it from Lucasfilms involved young characters, this idea was scrapped out by executive producer Kathleen Kennedy once the franchise was bought by them. Disney wasn’t keen on a plot with teenage characters and hence diverted from Luca’s original idea about episode VII, VIII and XI.

When George Lucas, the creator of the much loved series was interviewed, he went ahead to tell Stephen Colbort the interviewer that he has no idea as to what is being done with his idea, but he is very excited to see the outcome of the same.

This certainly does not mean that the upcoming episode will not have any connections with the older ones. Abrams took time to explain the fact that in the upcoming seventh episode, the team has tried to work upon and push in ideas and draw connections with the original trilogy rather than the ones followed post that. He explained that The Force Awakens is drawn after the happening of particular events in the older movies.