Star Wars Episode 7: Abrams Confirms Luca’s Ideas Were Scrapped, Lucas Excited About The New Film, And More!

Abrams wanted to insert the bones of Jar Jar Binks in one of the desert locations for Star Wars Episode 7. He had even gone ahead with doing it as a joke, but eventually the idea was left out and the bone work never happened. Abrams decided against littering the film with reference from the earlier episodes. He wanted to keep the flow of things natural and hence decided against his plan.

When Abram was asked about his feelings on working as a writer and director of a series he had been a die-hard fan of since his childhood, he said that its privilege. When John Williams came out of retirement and did the scores for the film after he showed him the work, was the most delightful experience he has had so far.

Fans are at the edges of the seats to run to the theatres and see what Abrams and his team have in store for them. The long wait will finally end on December 18th when Star Wars episode 7 hits theatres worldwide.