Jared Leto: Fans Not Happy With Joker’s New Look, Threatens To Stop His Streaming Website!

Jared Leto has created a lot of interest following the news that he is going to play the role of the Joker. The Joker being an iconic role, fans are going to have a lot of expectations from him and he is under a lot of pressure to deliver.

Jared Leto is going to be the first actor to reprise the role of the Joker after it was immortalized by actor Heath Ledger. Ledger’s portrayal of Joker is not just loved by fans, but critics are also of the opinion that his acting was one of the best seen in the movie business.

With all this interest regarding the iconic role, it is but obvious that the news of Jared Leto taking up the role of the Joker will create a buzz. To give a glimpse of what’s in store, Leto made an appearance in what looks like the first look for the actor in getting into the skin of the iconic character.

The look has got the fans excited, but then it was revealed that the look wasn’t meant for the role of the Joker. Well, that was a damper, but some fans are happy with the fact that the look that Leto was sporting was not meant for the role.

Fans thought that the portrayal was overdone and a little too cheesy after the way the character had been portrayed by Heath Ledger. Jack Nicholson, who has already portrayed the role of the Joke, agreed to this general opinion saying that the look shocked him, but not in a good way.

Jared Leto has been spotted wearing an interesting piece of headgear these days. The 43 year old actor was spotted time and again in a furry hat. There’s speculation that he is donning it to cover up his green hair and missing eyebrows for the role of Joker, in Suicide Squad, which is currently being shot in Canada.

Leto was seen donning the same hat while he was in Rome. The actor is taking a break from his DC comic film shoot, to tour with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. The actor/ musician was wearing a very unusual outfit. His furry hat was teamed with sleeveless vest and baggy black shorts and blue leggings.