Jane The Virgin Season 2: Rita Moreno Returns to Drop a Bomb, Jane Speculated to Get Married This Season!

Breathe Cast had reported that Jane is going to get married by the end of the second season. With the end of Season 2 approaching the viewers are still not sure about who is it that Jane will finally decide to settle with. Maybe things are going to become clear once the midseason premiere of Jane the Virgin Season 2.

Jane the Virgin is a popular series and it has resulted in a telenovela called The Passions of Santos. Remzcla has reported that Jennie Snyder-Urman, the executive producer of Jane the Virgin has officially sanctioned the fan-fiction and it is going to be of the similar nature as the television show- overtly dramatic and hilarious.

The back story for the telenovela is that it is the same one that took Rogelio to fame and kept him away from his daughter Jane and his estranged wife Xiomara (Andrea Navedo). The telenovela will tell the story of Santos, the President of North Ecuaduras and Blanca, who is the daughter of a farmer. The two will fall for each other and will travel the seas to fight evil pirates and many more.

With Jane the Virgin Season 2 midseason premiere returning only on the 25th of January, fans can catch The Passions of Santos in the meanwhile.

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