Jane The Virgin Season 2: Rita Moreno Returns to Drop a Bomb, Jane Speculated to Get Married This Season!

Jane the Virgin Season 2 has gone on a break for the winter and there is a bit of a bad news for the fans of the series. Christian Post reported that the series will be back with Episode 9 titled ‘Chapter Thirty-Two’ later than it was expected to.

Jane the Virgin went on a winter hiatus after the screening of the episode Chapter Thirty-One and this means that the story will pick up from exactly where it was left.

According to International Business Times, the trailer for the coming episode showed that Rita Moreno is going to be back as protagonist Jane Villanueva’s (Gina Rodriguez) grandmother. Rita Moreno’s character Liliana Dela Vega will meet her grandson for the first time.

The trailer shows Jane bringing in her new born son to show it to her grandmother. While all the excitement seems to be surrounding the fact that Liliana Dela Vega is going to meet her grandson for the first time, there seems to be some news that she is waiting to share herself.

Before fans can even speculate on what that news is, here it goes and we can bet that the readers will be as surprised as Jane was when she hears the news from her grandmother. Liliana Dela Vega informs that her husband, Jane’s grandfather is gay and is now planning to leave his wife for so many years because he has a man for himself.

While Jane takes the news in, her father Rogelio (Jaime Camil) will have a tough time accepting the fact that his father is gay and now wants to leave his mother after so many years of marriage only because he has found a man. He is so shaken up by the news that his mother discloses that he is unable to even say grace at the dinner table.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 will return for the midseason premiere with the focus on Jane’s love life that hasn’t been going very well. The viewers last saw Jane getting attached to two men. The midseason will address her dilemma and her final decision to settle down with one of them.

The last episode of Jane the Virgin Season 2 showed Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) refusing to have anything to do with Jane and her family. Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) isn’t able to make time out with Jane and two become distant.

Jane also realizes that it was Rafael who had set Michael up that broke up Jane and his engagement. However, they sort things out and even spending Mateo’s first Christmas together.

Michael and Jane are not living together anymore and hence they work out a way to spend time together with Mateo on his first Christmas. They decide to come together amicably and make things work out for the sake of the baby.

With things not working out with either Michael or Rafael, Season 2 midseason premiere will introduce a new character Dax. (Diego Boneta). He is a computer techie who will come to check Jane’s computer and will end up surprising her as well.

There are several forums on the internet that are talking about this angle in Jane the Virgin Season 2 and the fans are more on the side of Jane finally falling for professor Chavez (Adam Rodriguez). Jane and the professor didn’t start on the right foot. He was ruthless and had no sympathy for her situation, but over the course of time things turned for the better and he is now like a mentor to Jane.