James Wan Talks About the Conjuring 2 Trying to Live Up to the Expectations, Farmiga Claims that the Filming Was Frightening!

The Conjuring is based on the real life incidents from the life of Ed Warren, a paranormal investigator. He had had a similar incident in 1970s when he tried to help a single mother with a daughter who was supposedly tormented by paranormal forces. The case was a controversial one and had gathered a lot of public attention. The publicity that the incident got made it England’s Amityville.

Patrick Wilson, who plays the role of Ed Warren said that he would always go back and research on the incidents that they were dealing with, with the information furnished by the Warrens in real life.

However, apart from research for The Conjuring 2, he also decided to talk to the close family members of Ed Warren, to get to know about the eccentricities of the man, in order to make his portrayal even more believable.

The poster for The Conjuring 2 has been revealed and it shows a close-up shot of a hand with a rosary bead with an image of a little girl standing at the window, in the background. The room looks haunted and scary and right in the corner is the image of the nun-like demon who would haunt Lorraine.

The Conjuring was a huge success and the trailer of the sequel has also created quite a ripple. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on The Conjuring2.