Apple Watch 2 Will Not Feature Any Design Improvements, Performance Upgrades Will Be Minimal!

It has been a year since Apple Watch released but a lot of people aren’t too hyped about it. There are reasons why people aren’t really bothered about the Apple Watch. First of all, it doesn’t do enough. Brien Tong, the Apple Byte host said that the watch didn’t enhance his life in any way, form or shape and many of their editors feel the same way.

The watch doesn’t come with a lot of purpose-related functionality. Most of the features in the Apple Watch are trumped by the iPhone, so why should people compromise with a smaller display. Moreover, the wrist strap options are quite limited since, especially if you are a person who enjoys his fashion.

In case you are looking for something specific, or similar to what you would find in a department store, you better not hold your breath. DC and Marvel expert of CNET, Caitlin Petrakovitz admitted that the boring selection options in the Apple Watch prevent her from wearing it every day.

Moreover, pulling a phone out of the pocket and checking the notifications is much easier than checking it on the watch. However, people will smaller pockets might disagree to this. Unlike the other iOS devices, the Apple Watch interface isn’t user-friendly at all. Even super tech-savvy users will find that they need to go through a learning curve to properly utilize this device.

The Apple Watch doesn’t have an abundance of apps. In the meantime, those which are available are simply bare-bone versions of the same applications available on the iPhone. At the same time, they can be a bit slow to load as well.

Now, considering all of that, how will the upcoming Apple Watch 2 perform? The second generation Apple Watch is due for release some time this year and people are already wondering whether Apple will seize on the watershed potential believed to be offered by the smartwatch.

According to Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the device will come with a few minor upgrades over its predecessor, similar to what they do with the S-series devices on their iPhones. Apple Watch 2 will utilize the same form factor as that of the Apple Watch.

He reports that this will lead to disappointing Watch sales for the fiscal year. Kuo further believes that Apple Watch shipments will further contract by as much as 25% by 2016.

The analysis indicates that Apple will sell around 7.5 million watches, reduced from the 11.6 million figures in 2015, according to IDC estimates. Meanwhile, Apple analyst Brian White of Drexel Hamilton declared that Watch 2 will be 20 to 40% lighter than the previous generation and furthermore, Apple will use the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference in June to unveil the Apple Watch 2.

The release window makes sense when you consider the fact that it won’t feature any groundbreaking improvements that the enthusiasts have been pining for. Furthermore, releasing it in June will make sure that Apple’s fall launch event is totally focused on the upcoming iPhone 7.

However, other reports indicate that there has been a delay in the release of Apple Watch 2. Recent reports indicate that Apple Watch 2 will totally skip the WWDC and instead, it will come out beside the iPhone 7 in September. Till now, Apple has maintained a strict pattern regarding the release of hardware and software devices in separate isolated events.