Apple Watch 2 Will Not Feature Any Design Improvements, Performance Upgrades Will Be Minimal!

Apple uses the WWDC platform for most of its software releases and updates while launching all of its special devices in a separate, completely different event. Sad news is that the Watch 2 buyers won’t be getting any new design.

Expert Reviews revealed that Watch 2 will look identical to the first generation Apple Watch. In case you are one of those people looking for a new round screen this time, you will be disappointed.

During an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Concentrating more on fitness capabilities for the Apple Watch would hold us back from innovating too much, the cycles are too long. But you can begin to envision other things that might be adjacent to it—maybe an app, maybe something else.”

The first generation Apple Watch has been spotted with discounts so it is possible that Watch 2 will release early. However, Apple will make sure that their clients feel it is worth the wait. The upcoming Watch 2 will run on an ARM Cortex A32 processor and it will come with an OLED display and a powerful battery.

The battery life will be significantly improved when compared to the first Apple Watch. A new Wi-Fi chip will enable the device to perform multiple tasks like email, messages and so on over WiFi without an iPhone. You can make calls from the Apple Watch but according to 9to5mac, the Watch 2 will also include a FaceTime camera.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple Watch 2!