Jack Snyder Being Cautious With Justice League, Warner Bros. Reveals The Official Plot Synopsis!

Justice League also promises to give each superhero an equal amount of importance so that the fans aren’t disappointed. While the heroes have been cast, and the shooting has already started in April, Jack Snyder hasn’t cast anyone in the role of the villain yet. The villain in Justice League will be Steppenwolf, and he will be after the Mother Boxes.

There are three Mother Boxes present in Earth and Steppenwolf wants all three of them. Each of these Mother Boxes belongs to the Atlanteans, the Amazonians, and the mortals, and the Justice League will have to stop Steppenwolf from getting them. While the buzz surrounding Steppenwolf has started to catch up, there isn’t a lot of information on the character.

The character who is going to be the villain in Justice League was first introduced in 1972 in New Gods, book number 7. He is a part of the planet Apokolips, which is always at war with New Genesis or trying to get into a war with it. New Genesis is the good planet and is ruled by Highfather, while Steppenwolf lives in the Apokolips that is ruled by Darkseid.

There is a deleted scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that would have hinted at Justice League. It shows Lex Luthor looking at a hologram of a man holding three Mother Boxes, and that was Steppenwolf.

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