Chet And Quinn’s Fight Makes Things Interesting For UnReal Season 2, Coleman And Rachel Share A Connection!

The second season of UnReal has shaken things up. Chet (Craig Bierko) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer) are at loggerheads about what they want from the reality series, Everlasting, and this is bound to make things difficult for the whole team working on the show. While Quinn wants to go for something magical and fairytale like, Chet wants something sexy since he knows that will get more audience for the reality show.

Caroline Framke, the culture writer, sat down with Vox and said that the first two episodes of UnReal 2 are going to shake everyone up. The episode will put Chet and Quinn at loggerheads and they will declare war on each other and will be adamant to go ahead with their own version of Everlasting.

The third episode of UnReal Season 2 brought in Coleman (Michael Rady) as the new showrunner for the show, but he has little or no idea of how to run a reality show and that is going to be a problem. The pressure will subsequently be on Rachel and Quinn. They will have to put in all the effort to salvage the reality television show while Chet tries to capture indecent footage for more viewership.

Coleman, as Flavorwire reported has made a documentary on Cambodian sex workers that had gone on to become an award-winning film, but he has absolutely no idea about what happens in a reality television set. Quinn and Rachel show him how to work things out, and he is pretty horrified and amused at the workings of the network.

Rachel and Coleman had an instant attraction that was very evident to the viewers of the third episode of UnReal Season 2. The viewers and Rachel had been very sure that he is going to pick up Quinn’s version and not Chet’s, but that didn’t happen. Coleman went ahead with Chet’s idea.

This was shocking to Rachel, but then Coleman proceeded to explain his decision to her. He said that he had chosen Chet’s version so that he could deliver a sloppy work, which will cause Chet to end up hanging in his own rope and that is when Quinn and Rachel can sweep in and proceed with their version for the final screening.

UnReal is a dig at the real showbiz business where racism and skin, sells. It highlights to what extent showrunners and network bosses will go to, to make their show a hit. There are some viewers who are of the opinion that the UnReal Season 2 seems to have lost out on the structure that made Season 1 a huge success.

The show was focused solely on making of the reality television series, Everlasting, but UnReal Season 2 has started focusing more on the workings of the network and the viewers are not very pleased with it.

Chet seems to be pushing the limit in UnReal Season 2. The viewers feel that he is continuing with his brand of machismo a little too much and is in the process jeopardizing Everlasting.

The viewers don’t think something like this would happen in reality since the network is risking the broadcast of the episodes. They show that Everlasting broadcasts the episodes that are filmed in the very same week, and this is becoming a little too absurd.