Jack Snyder Being Cautious With Justice League, Warner Bros. Reveals The Official Plot Synopsis!

After the huge success of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. is currently working on the second film from the DC Universe. Justice League is going to follow the massive success of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and this places a lot of expectation on it.

Forbes reports on the 31st day of shoot for the film and the scene shoots Commissioner Gordon on the rooftop of one of Gotham City’s building where he is surrounded by masked crusaders.

Given the number of superheroes that fans of the DC Comics will get to see together, at the same time, Warner Bros. has decided that they will work on a film that is unlike any superhero films that the fans have ever seen. The film is going to be a great hit with the comic book lovers since it will go to the root of all the things and discuss the stories of the ancient religion that they are familiar with.

As reported by Forbes, the viewers will get to see the background of the mortals, the Kryptonians, the Amazonian, the Atlantean and how the aliens provided each of these civilizations with the Mother Boxes. The Justice League will reveal the heroes and the villains and show how the heroes came together to join forces.

Given that the film has all the heroes and is the DC Comics answer to Marvel’s Avengers, the film has some popular actors. First up is Ben Affleck, who is going to be back in his role as Batman. He will be joined by Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller will play the role of Flash, J.K Simmons will be Jim Gordon and the role of Cyborg will be portrayed by Ray Fisher.

Jack Snyder has seen a lot of criticism after making Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with fans of the superheroes turning up against him for not being true to the story. This time round, Snyder is taking extra effort to make sure that he doesn’t mess things up and is calling in his detractors to tell them what his exact plan is for Justice League.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice of Jack Snyder’s plan for a sequel to his Man of Steel and the prequel to Justice League. There were reports that Warner Bros. needed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to cross $1 billion to cover up for all the expenses, but the film could somehow manage a $900 million.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was an eye opener for Warner Bros. and even though the film was a hit, it didn’t meet their expectations, and they immediately decided to reshoot the upcoming films.

Snyder has, in fact, got Warner Bros.to release the detailed official synopsis of the whole plot of Justice League well in advance. This has been done so that the viewers know exactly what they are looking at, and if there are any glitches, then they can be rectified well in time for the release of the film.

Justice League opens with Batman and Wonder’s Woman trying to recruit allies against the greater enemy. They work out to find a way to get Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash to join forces with them to save the world from a catastrophe. The first half of the film will focus on Batman trying to get together a team, and he does it with the help of his cool machines.