Destiny Set to Receive Rise of Iron Expansion in September, Will Bring a New Raid to The Game!

Destiny is an online first person shooting video game that has been developed by Bungie. The game was published for the platforms of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in September 2014.

Since its release, the developers have rolled out only three expansion packs for the game. However, it was recently stated by Bungie that the company is trying to develop content for the game faster.

Chris Barrett, the director of Rise of Iron, stated that the company is striving to get better at the job of developing DLCs for the game. He added that they were trying to build new tools which would allow them to develop content faster.

He also stated that the developers are learning more and more as they are moving forward and they are gradually getting better at their job of creating and developing content faster. The company is completely focused on the Rise of Iron DLC at the moment. Apparently, it will unlock a new location on Earth, called the Plaguelands.

It was revealed by him that a playtest of the new DLC was held by the company in its studio, and everybody who took part in the test stated that the content was quite good. They also came forth with some suggestions regarding it.

The last major expansion pack that the game received was The Taken King, and thus fans are eagerly waiting for Bungie to roll out the Rise of Iron expansion. In recent months, the game did receive some events like the Festival of the Lost event which was held during the Halloween. However, it was a temporary event.

Fans are looking forward to something that will be permanent in nature. The Rise of Iron is going to provide them with just that. It will provide players with a great gameplay experience. The expansion pack will release on September 20, 2016. It will be rolled out for the platforms of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

It should be mentioned here that players who are in possession of the core game and also the Taken King expansion pack will be the only ones to get their hands on the upcoming expansion pack. It has been confirmed that the extension pack will not release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The DLC will incorporate a brand new raid into the game. A fresh storyline will also be added to the game through it. This storyline will focus on the new location that will be brought forth by the update- Plaguelands.

The last major expansion pack that the game received was The Taken King. Fans have been quite forthcoming with requests regarding new content for the game. However, the developers have often failed to keep up with the requests.

It is often seen that the developers fail to communicate with fans regarding their plans for future expansion packs. Bungie has received a lot of heat from fans for this reason.

Apparently, the tools that the company uses do not allow the developers to develop and deliver new content at a faster pace. However, it looks like all that is about to change since Chris already told that they are trying to develop better tools which would enable them to develop new content much faster.

Scott Taylor of Bungie recently stated that the company is trying to evolve the game. He pointed out some of the improvements that were incorporated into the game through the Taken King DLC. One of them being the quest log.