Destiny Set to Receive Rise of Iron Expansion in September, Will Bring a New Raid to The Game!

He added that they were continuously learning and trying to make the game better in every way possible. He revealed that the game is still being played by employees of the company at the studio. According to him- “Really, Rise of Iron is the culmination of everything we’ve learned so far in Destiny.”

He stated that the upcoming DLC will sand at a middle point between the two previous DLCs that the game received, that is House of Wolves and The Taken King. The House of Wolves came with a price tag of $20 and The Taken King arrived with a price tag of $40. Judging from Taylor’s words, fans can expect the price of the upcoming DLC to be something within the $20 to $40 mark.

In other news, Bungie recently cancelled the Iron Banner tournament which was supposed to take place within the ongoing week. Bungie took to Twitter to announce that the multilayer events are facing some problems, and thus they are forced to cancel the Iron Banner tournament this week.

The tournament was previously bugged with an unlimited ammo exploit which enabled players to get infinite amounts of ammo on certain weapons. The issue was resolved by a patch that was released by Bungie.

However, it seems some other issues have popped up, and thus the developers had to put the tournament on hold. The tournament was supposed to run until June 28.

Stay tuned for more updates on Destiny.