Chet And Quinn’s Fight Makes Things Interesting For UnReal Season 2, Coleman And Rachel Share A Connection!

UnReal Season 2 is slowly starting to let Rachel make a place for herself. She is still learning the ropes on the job. She has realized that she has to walk the same path that Quinn would and which she hated if she has to make Everlasting a successful series.

Guerilla shows Rachel in her character. She has been in Quinn’s shadow far too long, but not anymore. She takes charged and deals with Coleman exactly the way she wants to.

Things between Rachel and Quinn might get nasty since Rachel isn’t going to let Quinn and Chet’s issue take away her job as the showrunner for Everlasting. Quinn might have Rachel by her side, but she will not take much time to chuck her out. Quinn certainly isn’t going to be happy with the fact that Rachel has gone behind her back and the viewers of UnReal Season 2 are well aware of the fact that Quinn will find it out.

According to Indiewire, the third episode of UnReal Season 2 might not have been as successful as the previous two episodes, but it did drive home the point. The episode was well crafted and defined each of the characters. The opening and closing shot with focus on Darius’ body helped put everything into perspective.

There are some serious issues that UnReal Season 2 is dealing with, and it is marvelous how skillfully the show is handling them.

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