Is Winds of Winter Releasing in May? Martin Hints at Major Plot Twists, HBO Planning a Prequel with Martin in The Helm of Things!

With HBO out with the first two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6, the fans of the novel series are still hoping that Winds of Winter will be published soon by George R. R. Martin.

There had been a lot of anticipation about the release date of the sixth book in A Song of Ice and Fire series, before the release of HBO’s Season 6, but then it was never published.

With no novel to fall back on, HBO decided to go ahead with the plot of Game of Thrones on their own. The writers had made it very clear that the plot of the series is going to be different from what Martin had intended and assured the fans that Game of Thrones Season 6 will not ruin their experience of reading Winds of Winter.

George R. R. Martin had given his all to make sure that he could complete the sixth novel before the release of Season 6, but his busy schedule stopped him from doing so. Martin has always been open about the fact that he couldn’t write when he was travelling.

While some may think that the airplane and the hotel would be ideal places for him to further his story, Martin could only write when he was at his desk, back home.

Recent report from Christian Post reveal that Winds of Winter has been submitted to the publishing house and might be out on the shelves soon. This has made the fans hopeful that they can lay their hands on Winds of Winter in a few more months.

Martin had himself wanted to release Winds of Winter before Season 6 of Game of Thrones, but he took exceptionally long to complete the sixth book and HBO caught up with the novel by then.

There are reports suggesting that Winds of Winter might be released by the end of May since George R. R. Martin has started expressing his keen desire of publishing the sixth novel soon. If the manuscript has been given to the publication, then it shouldn’t take very long to be published. Fans are waiting for official confirmation on this.

However, fans will be aware of the statement that Martin had made in April. He had revealed that he is being a little too optimistic about how quickly he can finish Winds of Winter. He said that he had cancelled a lot of public appearances and was turning down offers, to focus solely on the book.

Martin had initially been skeptical since the popularity of the novels went up after the release of the television series. He felt that with the fans already aware of what the next part of the story will bring in, they will not be keen to buy a copy of Winds of Winter anymore. However, he had to come to terms with the fact since he couldn’t complete the novel before HBO released Season 6.

Martin has teased fans some major twists in the upcoming novel and has informed them that the readers will be completely shocked when they read what he has in store for them.

He assured the fans that it is not going to be anything that HBO has dealt with and the twist can be found by the fans, only when they read Winds of Winter.

Fans are already aware that Winds of Winter is going to be different from Game of Thrones Season 6 since HBO deviated from the novel and killed Stannis Baratheon off in the fifth season itself.