Info Regarding Fallout 4’s Release Expected at E3, Redditor Hints at the Return of the Wasteland!

Another Redditor suggests that in the fourth installment, gamers might be able to participate in missions that require them to save the Wasteland! Yes, the Wasteland! They might be coming back for all you know.

Gamers wish to know if additional information regarding Fallout 4 will release in the coming months. In the meantime, people are busy professing their love for the Fallout franchise. Matt Grandstaff, the Global Community Lead for Bethesda Softworks posted a photo in his Twitter account, and you must check it if you haven’t already!

A proper sign of pure devotion to the Fallout franchise is the release of the limited-edition collectible known as The Vault Boy Tee of the Month. It showcases the various incarnations of Vault Boy, throughout the Fallout series. Since the design is only available for a month, it is recommended that you hurry!

Stay tuned for more information and updates on Fallout 4!