Info Regarding Fallout 4’s Release Expected at E3, Redditor Hints at the Return of the Wasteland!

Gamers have been waiting for Bethesda Softworks to reveal the release date of Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 for quite a while now. Current reports suggest that the world will witness the arrival of Elder Scrolls 6 first and the additional details will be provided to the gamers during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2015.

The event is scheduled to take place between 16th and 18th June, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. However, as seen in previous cases, reports of the revelation haven’t been confirmed yet. As a result, this is again, nothing more than a harmless speculation.

The situation is hence quite confusing and frustrating for the gamers who expect to see either one of the titles release at E3, this year. However, we now know that whatever Bethesda has in mind, seems to be panning out. With lack of information in the gaming community, the gamers are getting more and more obsessed with the release of Fallout 4.

According to the official petition that demands ‘Announce Fallout 4,’ 12,500 signatures are already in place with more to come. The particular figure was achieved some time ago, after Silviu Ploisteanu, a Bulgarian petitioner, started it last year.

If the petition reaches a staggering 100,000 signatures or even half that number, Bethesda will not be able to ignore it any further. Reddit, being the home of a lot of rumors and speculations, most people are currently heading there. With a potential release date expected at E3, things have gotten more exciting! A lot of entries have been released in Reddit forums so far, involving info on locations to be explored and the kind of gameplay that can be expected from Bethesda. The list seemingly goes on and on and on.

As of now, some controversial information has been released in the Reddit forums. Reports indicate that Bethesda, as a third-party game studio and developer are working on other titles presently. Both of these titles could be showcased at the E3 Expo.


Grabbing all sources of information, gamers are most likely to witness the best Fallout game ever, with the fourth installment. Poogmaster 1999, a redditor, has revealed information regarding Bethesda’s plans regarding Wolfenstein. Bethesda has indicated that Wolfenstein will be revealed shortly. Hence, gamers are now more interested in the release of Fallout 4, meaning that the title remains the most-talked about from Bethesda.