Karimian to Government: Save Lakes in Iran

The lakes in Iran, such as Marivan Lake, need to be saved as they face the threat of dehydration, said Omid Karimian, who is a representative in the Iranian Government from the province of Kurdistan. He opines that the lakes in Iran are threatened and the water from these lakes might dry out in the near future.

Omid Kariman spoke in an interview held by Pars Herald, and he expressed his concern about the water bodies of Kurdistan. He also stressed the underlying potential of Kurdistan, as there is a vast potential in Kurdistan for becoming a major hub for foreigners and travelers. Thus, importance must be paid to the lakes in Kurdistan.

He also quoted an example of the pathetic condition of Lake Urmia, which is on the border of Iran and Turkey, in the Northwestern region of Iran. Residents around the vicinity of Lake Urmia are disappointed and worried about the drastic change that has occurred recently in the lake and are blaming the government for not taking up adequate measures.

The Government of Iran did not have appropriate policies in place to safeguard the lake and thus, the citizens are holding the government responsible for the present state of Lake Urmia. There were widespread protests and demonstrations held by the Iranian citizens in this regard.

The citizens of Azeri took to the streets to carry out demonstrations so that they may be able to draw attention from government bodies towards the plight of the lake. Strong environmental policies in place would not let the condition of the lake deteriorate and the lake would remain in good condition.

Similar is the state of the Zarivar Lake, which is located in the Kordestan province of Iran and is westwards of the Marivan Lake. The medium size lake has a length of 5 km (3.1 miles) and the width at the maximum point is 1.6 km (1 mile). It is a fresh water lake and the depth of water is around 6 meters or 20 feet in its deepest point. Also present in the region is another popular tourist attraction, the Zerivar Lake.