Batman vs. Superman Update Shows New Aquaman Look While Fan-Made Funny Trailer Debuts on YouTube!

Batman vs. Superman release date is still quite far away, but there has been an abundance of rumors and speculations surrounding this movie. Due to the lack of any solid proof or official information, people are continually relying on whatever comes out of the web, regarding this topic. In spite of that, there are still some plausible pieces of information that can be considered. Keep in mind that as of now, they are still rumors waiting to be corroborated.

All news sources indicate one big thing! There are going to be a lot of superheroes in Batman vs. Superman. Many people consider this movie to be a simple showdown between Batman and Superman. However, things are not what they seem. According to major critics, ‘Dawn of Justice’ is predicted to lead into the ultimate ‘Justice League’ movie. As a result, Batman vs. Superman will probably build up a lot of characters, destined to feature in the latter.

Besides Batman and Superman, several other characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor have been confirmed. However, the vastness of their role is still unknown at this point. Rumors indicate that additional characters like Cyborg, The Flash, The Joker and Doomsday will also be a part of this movie.

In the meantime, a hilarious sum-up of the relationship between the titular characters has been presented by YouTube user Jacksfilms’ Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. This is a fan made animated teaser trailer that shows Batman and Superman teasing each other. However, the situation escalates quickly in response to something said by Batman. In a hilarious turn of events, ‘Wonderful’ Wonder Woman comes in between our two heroes and puts them to check. Head over to Jacksfilms and surely check out this fun video.

As far as real-life events are concerned, Warner Bros. is yet to provide us with a first look at this upcoming movie. Since the Batman vs. Superman movie is just a year away, we can expect a teaser trailer to hit us soon enough.