Valve Working on VR-Based Half-Life 3, Claims HTC CEO Cher Wang!

Valve is open to designing Virtual Reality games such as Half-Life 3, and the developers have made this clear! During a recent interview with Kotaku, programmer Jeep Barnett revealed that Valve has been experimenting with assets from the Half-Life series such as machine guns and headcrabs in the Virtual Reality environment.

Could this mean that Valve is working on a dedicated VR based version of Half-Life 3?

“If I had to answer that question right now, it would be a no.” Jeep revealed. “However, time is running out fast and we are not sure what our next move will be. We do not have sufficient time to try everything right now.”

“We would love to try out all our resources in VR right now, but that is simply not an option. Hence, we have to sort things out on the basis of what the market wants and play our card on the strengths of VR.” He added.

Recent revelations from Valve include their Virtual Reality headset Vive VR and their VR-based version of Portal. Valve is also currently working on VR versions of their other popular entities DotA 2 and Left 4 Dead.

“Is Half-Life 3 suited for VR? Is Left 4 Dead a better option? Will DotA 2’s popularity increase after VR? We don’t know for sure. We are presently experimenting with the resources at our disposal, and the strategies are yet to be implemented. Hence, we are in the dark too! We plan to proceed with whichever strategy proves its worth, in the long run.” Jeep added.

Rumors regarding Half-Life 3 began spreading earlier this week after HTC’s Chairwoman, Cher Wang, slipped up during an interview about the Taiwanese company working closely with Valve on the upcoming edition of Half-Life.


“We are cooperating with Half-Life.” Wang revealed, which put the entire press on high alert! PR teams from both the companies hit the panic button and entered Damage Control Mode soon after. “There is no progress on the next installment of Half-Life.” Valve announced shortly, trying to reel in the situation.