Humans Are The Greatest Source Of Fear In Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Drama On The Boat With Zombie Infested Water Around!

Vine Reports states that the video that AMC has released for Fear of Walking Dead Season 2 talks about how the zombie apocalypse was something that the world had brought about on it since it was tired of the humans and that whatever is happening is natural.

There are shots of fighting among the humans on the boat. Madison and Travis are going to fight and fight some more and then disagree before they have to fight off the zombies who are shown to attack the boat at the end of the trailer.

The Walking Dead had made zombies a household name and Fear of Walking Dead is milking in the popularity of Walking Dead. The series is also believed to have incorporated a scene with Nick coming face to face with a zombie while he is covered in walker blood.

For the avid fans of the show, there is a chance to meet the executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Erickson in Los Angeles, at the Paley Fest on 19th March. The producers will let out more secrets to the fans at the event and there are rumors that they might also release some additional clips and trailers for the event.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 is going to premiere on 10th April. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.