Humans Are The Greatest Source Of Fear In Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Drama On The Boat With Zombie Infested Water Around!

The premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 is already here and after the exciting finale of the last season there is a lot of excitement and anticipation about what’s in store for the humans in the zombie drama.

The last season showed that the humans have reached Abigail, the boat belonging to Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), which was looked upon as a lease of life. However, things aren’t going to be as easy it is expected to be, well, in reality they never are that way in a television drama.

In order to get the excitement high among the fans before the release of the second season and also to pacify them with some glimpses of what they can expect in the upcoming season, AMC has come out with a promo for Fear the Walking Dead Season 2. According to Blastr, the promo is of 30 seconds and includes new scenes from the upcoming season.

Fans will be happy to know that the new promo of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 shows Travis (Cliff Curtis), his girlfriend Madison (Kim Dickens), his son Christopher (Lorenzo James Henrie) along with Madison’s daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and son Nick (Frank Dilliane). The promo also features Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) along with his daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason).

While the viewers thought the Strand would serve as the ticket to survival for the humans, it isn’t going to be that easy. The Strand, as showrunner Dave Erickson has informed Entertainment Weekly, will create a different dynamic in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2. There will be different levels of anxiety and fear and it isn’t going to be easy being stuck in the middle of zombie-infested water and gun wielding humans around.

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead will show the characters trying to come to terms with the fact that their homes are destroyed and that they can never head back to it again. Losing a home isn’t easy and with the zombies all over the countryside, they couldn’t sit and realize the emotions that were there.

Now being stuck on a boat with nowhere else to go, these emotions will come out and will form part of the drama that will be dealt with in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.

If viewers thought that with the characters stuck on a boat in the middle of an ocean is going to make the show focus only on human drama then they are going to be very wrong. Thanks to the showrunners of Fear the Walking Dead, we now know for a fact that zombies know how to swim since they are roaming the waters of the ocean.

The humans on Abigail, Victor Strand’s boat are going to have to deal with the zombies. According to Cleveland, the reason for the waters being infested with zombies is because of the web series Flight 462 that will end with a plane crash and there is a rumor that some of the characters are going to end up in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.

The characters have just had their encounter with the zombies in the previous season and they are still learning about them. Victor Strand appears to be the only one in their company who happens to know something about the zombies and he warns that the greatest fear that the characters have to contend with are the humans themselves.