Brandon’s Musical Will Make Up The Next Episode Of The Fosters, Steph Lets The Twin Connect With Gabe!

Mariana will see the lines between the real and reel fading away when she plays the role of Juliet to Brandon’s Romeo in the musical R&J. The Showrunner Bradley Bredeweg had revealed that the musical by composer and pianist Brandon is going to be just like any other episode of The Fosters. The only thing that will happen is that the musical will work as a backdrop for the different stories that are going to be converging in this particular episode.

Cierra Ramirez spoke to TV Line about the musical episode and said that for her character, Mariana, two worlds have come against each other. She has never had a closure with Mat after their break up and is now going to have to be in a play where she is going to play his love interest.

Brandon has had nothing to do with her since their break up and it is not easy to be up their rehearsing with him for the play where she has to pretend to love him and have him show that he reciprocates the feelings. However, things start to develop when the two of them realize that they do harbor feelings for each other in the course of the rehearsal.

Brandon and Mariana both try to keep their emotions away since they have other people in their lives and it wouldn’t be right for them to start developing feelings for the others. The reel aspect where they have to hide their emotions from the world is projected in their real world where the two exes have to contend with their secret feelings.

Cierra Ramirez had revealed that the task of hiding their feelings isn’t going to be an easy one and she is as excited as the viewers to see how it pans out.

Bradley Bredeweg spoke about Brandon and Callie’s relationship and said that they can also be compared to the forbidden love that Romeo Juliet shared with each other. The two have always been star-crossed lovers and Brandon uses the musical to explore and analyse all these emotions within him.

Brandon and Callie had had a relationship before they realize that they are brother-sister. The two had always been wanting to get back together, but things became awkward given their new relationship. However, there is a chance that the musical will give some clarity to Brandon about his feelings and the two might decide to come back together in spite of being advised to not do it by their mothers.

AJ tries to be affectionate towards Callie at the party, but she gets awkward around him since he knows that Brandon is there. Courtney is a smart one and she realizes what Callie means to Brandon and she is impressed at how maturely he had dealt with the matter.

The Fosters is known to delve deep into issues that would usually make other skirmish and this is exactly what they are doing with Stef. Stef recently informed her family that she is going to go ahead with mastectomy and that was dealt with beautifully with Lena and her sharing an intimate moment since they know that they wouldn’t be able to be a normal couple after the operation.

Now with Stef having gone through with the mastectomy, there are talks of her going ahead with mammoplasty. The writers usually deal with these issues while going deep into the issue and speaking to Stef and Lena about it.

Lena is very sure about what she wants. She makes it very clear that she loves her wife and finds her sexy even if she has no breasts, but Stef is a little unsure about the whole thing.