Case Of The Missing Baby And Meredith Moving On Will Make Up The Upcoming Episode Of Grey’s Anatomy, Focus To Move From April And Jackson!

Episode 14 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 will see Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) inform his patient that only three of the four babies inside her womb are alive. Ben would be doing an ultrasound when the patient will ask if he is done. The patient’s husband asks her not to bother the doctor while he is working

Ben shows the to-be-parents the images of the three babies inside the womb, when he notices something wrong and asks his intern Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) to go ahead and called Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). The parents immediately sense that something is not right and panic, but Ben pacifies them and asks them if they are going to have quadruplets.

Ben then goes ahead to reveal that the ultrasound is picking up only three heartbeats, but doesn’t try to worry the patient and tells them that maybe he is making a mistake and hence he had asked for Dr. Arizona.

Arizona will find herself in the midst of a very dangerous position. Arizona will have to take a risky step where she will have to deal with a patient who thinks that she is going to have quadruplets, but isn’t actually going to be so. The fans will have to wait and see how Arizona deals with the case of the missing baby from the wombs, but until that happens there are a few reasons suggesting how that can happen.

There is a case called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome where one of the twins disappear from the womb because of a miscarriage and the fetal tissue gets absorbed by the other babies inside the womb and it appears that the baby has disappeared from the womb. The patient is shocked to hear that her fourth kid is missing from her womb and stops her work immediately.

International Business Times reports that stress is also a reason for the disappearance of babies from the womb. The stress that a mother takes can cause miscarriage, though it hasn’t been proven completely.

On the other hand, Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) will be reshuffling the doctors, while everyone wonders why he is doing this at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Webber knows that his plan is to keep his daughter Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Andrew away from each other. Webber realizes that Maggie and Andrew are sleeping together and wants to keep them away so as to stop their relationship from developing.

This ends up creating problems for Alex since it brings in Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) together with Alex’ girlfriend Jo (Camilla Luddington). The two recently had a huge showdown regarding Alex and things are going to get very awkward.

Grey’s Anatomy will start focusing on Meredith moving on after the death of her husband Dr. Derek Shepherd. She had taken her team to perform a rather critical surgery at the Bauer Army Medical Center on a cancer-stricken veteran. The surgery was a success, but Dr. Grey had to face Major Eric Thorpe.

Major Eric Thorpe wasn’t sure that Meredith will be able to pull off the surgery and the patient on the table happened to be very close to heart. However, post-surgery when he sees Meredith do a beautiful job, he apologizes to her and says that he wants to follow up things with her.

Meredith hands over the hospital number to him, only to realize that Major Eric Thorpe was actually flirting with her and she tries to go back and hand him her personal number.