Case Of The Missing Baby And Meredith Moving On Will Make Up The Upcoming Episode Of Grey’s Anatomy, Focus To Move From April And Jackson!

This moment makes the viewers feel that Meredith Grey is starting to come to terms with the fact that Derek is gone and she will have to get back to her life. Now with Meredith finally coming to her own the show might start focusing on her again.

So far it had focused heavily on April and Jackson with each episode showcasing the change in their relationship. The couple finally divorced in the last episode and that was when April informed Jackson that she was pregnant.

The couple lost their first child minutes after he was born and that was what had shaken them up. April went to join the Army and that broke Jackson so badly that he decided to move on with his life. The couple had always been in love and it was only because of their communication problem that they have never been able to work things out.

The decision to divorce was a difficult one and they finally went ahead with it. However, knowing the workings of Shonda Rhime, there are chances that the couple might always come back together if she so wishes things to happen. Jackson has already moved on and fans are going to want to watch how April’s news of pregnancy affects her.

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