Yellow Diamond Comes Down To Earth In Steven Universe Season 2, Lapis Lazuli Saves Peridot!

It’s been a long wait for the fans of Steven Universe. The show went on a hiatus in January and there were rumors suggesting that the show will be back with the new season in March or April. With no official report suggesting the return of Steven Universe, this doesn’t look plausible.

The fans had really thought that Steven Universe Season 2 will be released in March-April since as Parent Herald reported, there were leaked clips from the show that were being circulated online. Cartoon Network has not made any announcement regarding the series and fans are thoroughly disappointed.

With Cartoon Network maintaining complete silence over the issue of Steven Universe Season 2 fans have started using their own speculation to figure out what can be there in Steven Universe Season 2. The fans are hoping that the show will pick up from where it had stopped in Season 1 finale and in that case they will have to figure out if Lapis Lazuli is going to join the Crystal Gems.

Movie Pilot has revealed that Lapis Lazuli is going to join the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe Season 2. Steven had saved her from the mirror and this will be her way of showing her gratitude to him. There are chances that she has started caring for Steven and wants to do this because of their growing friendship.

Yellow Diamond is the villain in the Cartoon Network series and she is associated with The Great Diamond Authority and has a complete hatred for anything has lives on earth. This was revealed in the second last episode of Steven Universe Season 1, called Message Received, before the show went on a hiatus.

Peridot was the best soldier that Yellow Diamond had, but she expels her after she tries to reason with the former about her hatred for the planet earth. Yellow Diamond might be coming down to earth, but she is going to be a little weak as reported by Inquisitr. She is without her best soldier, Peridot who is not be found in her Cluster and also Jasper seems to be missing.

Christian Today reported that Yellow Diamond is now going to go all out to try and destroy Peridot and her friends. There are reports suggesting that Yellow Diamond is going to head to earth in Steven Universe Season 2 and she is going to be a very powerful force to contend with. Steven and his friends have been trying to defeat the Cluster for a very long time and Yellow Diamond is going to head to earth to look into the matter.

The fans are waiting for Steven Universe Season 2 to figure out whether Peridot can survive the wrath of the Yellow Diamond and what Steven does to save his friends.

The show had been on a break for a very long time with the kind of fan following it enjoyed, there were some hope that the network will work a little fast and give the fans some good news. So all that the fans of Steven Universe can do now is watch the leaked videos and hope that this is a preview of the second season.

Parent Herald reported that the first video that was leaked from Steven Universe Season 2 is titled Barn Mates and shows Peridot running away from the roaming eyes of Yellow Diamond. Peridot is trying to escape the roaming eye and she runs as fast as he can towards Steven and Lapis Lazuli.