Yellow Diamond Comes Down To Earth In Steven Universe Season 2, Lapis Lazuli Saves Peridot!

Before Steven can do anything to protect his friends, Lapis Lazuli musters up all her strength and steps in to use her magic to destroy the eye of the Yellow Diamond. The roaming eye is all the problem and its destruction should solve all the problems, but this isn’t the case. The problems are going to become worse now.

However, in the midst of all the bad there is something good that’s developing. Steven Universe Season 2 will see Peridot becoming friends with her enemy Lapis Lazuli. Now that Peridot is no longer in the service of Yellow Diamond, the reason for the enmity doesn’t exist. The Yellow Diamond realizes that her roaming eye’s power is no match to that of Lapis Lazuli and she will try plans to crush her.

According to Movie Pilot, Yellow Diamond is going to try and destroy Crystal Gem and is going to do everything possible to eliminate the two new members of the group. The upcoming season is also going to throw light on how Diamond Authority managed to get control over the different gems in the universe.

The gems have their different strength and weaknesses and they are very much like the characters, but Yellow Diamond things that her diamonds are flawless and that will be the reason for her downfall.

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