House of Cards: Frank and Claire to Reunite, Did Spacey Hint at Frank’s Death? Let’s See!

At Global Financial Leadership Conference organized in Naples, Kevin Spacey hinted at karmic intervention when he spoke about the characters ending up with what they deserve. As some fans have interpreted it, it might hint at the possible death of Frank Underwood.

The UK version of House of Cards saw Frank Underwood’s counterpart Francis Urquhart assassinated by the people he once considered were close to him and his confidantes. This hinted at the fact that Frank might be killed in House of Cards Season 4.

While it is believed a spoiler from House of Cards Season 4 has been spilled, others are of the opinion that Kevin Spacey is smarter than that, especially when he had mentioned the fact that no should talk about the story line of a series since there are people who haven’t watched Season 1 of yet.

While talking about the character of Underwood, Spacey said that every role, , every person he has worked with the last 12 years of his career, have worked towards helping him prepare for this powerful role and he wouldn’t have been able to play the role of Underwood without those experiences.

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