Jennifer Lopez Talks About Balancing Work and Kids, Making Her Television Debut, Unveils Clothing Line, And More

Jennifer Lopez is coming on your television screen soon and it’s not because she is releasing a new song or starring in a new film. Jennifer Lopez is going to be in a television crime series from NBC called Shades of Blue.

Lopez is also the producer for the NBC drama and she plays the role of Harlee Santos, a single mother who is a member of the group of the dirty cops. She gets into a tight fix and it sees her coming face to face with the FBI thatforces her to become their mole. She has to continue working with her team of cops, while ratting out each member of the team to the FBI’s anti-corruption task force.

While talking to ET Online, Jennifer Lopez emphasizes on the importance of balancing her two worlds. She might be a world fashion diva and music sensation, but her priorities are her two kids and she makes sure that she has enough time to spend with them every day.

Jennifer Lopez is the mother of seven-year-old twins Emme and Maximilian and she spoke about how integral they are for her happiness. She said that if she is too busy to meet them then they don’t get to see her and neither does she.Such a situation becomes a hindrance to happiness and hence she makes sure that the situation never rises.

She said that she has to make compromises, but she makes sure that she is with them as long as she can. If she is working whole of the morning, then she has lunch with them. If she has to work for the rest of the day as well, she makes sure that she calls them over to the set for dinner. She says that every day they have a different working schedule, but they make the most of it.

With her kids and her career, the gorgeous actress/singer confessed that she hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time in the gym and she feels that she isn’t in the best of shapes. However, she adds that that isn’t such a big issue since she knows that she has to start working out for her world tour.She will start dancing for nine to ten hours a day and that will help her tone down.

Bustle has informed that there is a possibility of Jennifer Lopez performing at the Super Bowl half time in 2016. Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry have already done it and it seems like its Jennifer Lopez’s turn in the coming year.

This news started circulating in the internet when a video was uploaded of the Super Bowl trophy with a song of Jennifer Lopez’s playing in the background. Although this post has been deleted from Twitter since then, there have been fans who have shared the news and have kept the hope of high.

Jennifer Lopez set the stage on fire at the recently organized American Music Awards and it is not impossible to imagine why NFL would want her to perform for their biggest event. Jennifer Lopez danced to the songs of all the nominees for the evening and Nicki Minaj agreed to the fact that Jennifer Lopez did a better job in her song.

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t made any comments on the issue. She is busy with Shades of Blue and with the promotion of her new clothes line- J. Lo. The recent photographs for the campaign were taken by celebrity photographer Hunter &Gatti and it shows the beautiful actress posing with items from her line.