House of Cards: Frank and Claire to Reunite, Did Spacey Hint at Frank’s Death? Let’s See!

Season 4 of the popular series House of Cards has been announced. The popularity of the show owes it to the true depiction of the political life. It shows how the U.S Congress is completely locked up all the sides by the personal issues, power plays and the meddling corporations who know they have a say in the politics of the country because they fund the events.

The show caught the attention of the audience with the character of Frank Underwood, who has found his way out of this crisis with underhand dealings or by simply killing the person causing him trouble.

iDigitalTimeshas reported that House of Cards Season 4 will return in March and is going to be based on the upcoming US Presidential election of 2016. Given the way the race for the 2016 election is proceeding, there are chances that the television series will be more realistic than the reality outside.

Christian Post has reported that Neve Campbell is going to become a part of the upcoming season of House of Cards. Her character loves power and she is going to do everything possible to reach the top most rung. With Frank and Claire having their problems, Campbell’s character will have an easy run.

Neve Campbell is set to come out in the open with her partner and threaten the powerful position that Frank and Claire Underwood enjoy. With Frank and Claire Underwood not seeing eye to eye, things look like they will topple, but the two will find a way to work out the situation.

Kevin Spacey who plays the role of Frank Underwood in House of Cards spoke to Youth Health Magazine and gave out a possible spoiler for House of Cards Season 4. It looks like first couple of the United States, Frank and Claire (Robin Wright)is on their way to rekindling their romance.

It was reported that there is going to be the entry of another power couple in the upcoming season and that is going to be the trigger for the Underwoods to set aside their mutual differences and come together. There is no concrete proof to show that the union is completely true and not just a gimmick for the world to see, but fans are hopeful that Frank and Claire are back together.

With Neve Campbell coming in as one half of a power couple in House of Cards Season 4, shewill be the one who is responsible for triggering the union between Frank and Claire Underwood. The two are going to fight out all the odds, but not as individuals. They will come out to fight the odds as a power couple.

Reports suggest that while Frank and Claire Underwood are going to come out in the open and work together as a couple, things will not be all good deep down. The two have had a lot of issue and neither of them has settled the old feuds. There are speculations that this exercise of portraying a working relationship between the two of them might damage their relationship even further.

Kevin Spacey has hinted that there are a lot of events littered all across House of Cards Season 4 where people get what they deserve. This might be a hint that both Frank and Claire will get back for the all the dark things that they have done.

They might feel initially that they will work around their problems and keep their differences aside, but things will take a turn for the bad in the long run. The two of them are powerful individuals and they will not be able to work together.