Homeland Season 5: Set To Focus On ISIS, Claire Danes Extends Contract, And More

The plot for Homeland Season 5 indicates that Carrie will be having a close working relationship with a new actor. Alexander Fehling, a German actor is going to come on board for the upcoming season and will be starring as Carrie’s love interest. Fehling is going to play the role of Jonas Happich, a lawyer, who will fall in love with the ex CIA agent.

There are reports that Miranda Otto is also going to be a part of Homeland Season 5. She will play the role of the Berlin Chief of Station for the CIA and will be working directly under Saul. The show has undergone a major change since the departure of Nicholas Brody played by Damien Lewis.

Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is also set be back for Homeland Season 5. This will get the trio of Carrie, Saul and Quinn back together and it offers the fan exciting plotlines.

Peter had gotten himself in a sticky situation in Syria in Homeland Season 4 and since he is back, it seems like he has extricated himself from that tight spot.His character will shed light on what had happened in Syria. Reports indicate that he will be in Berlin with Carrie.

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