Homeland Season 5: Set To Focus On ISIS, Claire Danes Extends Contract, And More

There is news that hit television drama Homeland Season 5 is coming in October and it has a very interesting line of themes and plots that they are set to explore. Some of these haven’t been tried on show-time television ever.

Homeland Season 5 will deal with President Vladimir Putin and Russia. This season will also deal with Isis even though the show creators had shifted its focus from the Middle East to Germany. There isno information about the plot details yet, but David Nevins, the president of Showtime has given some hints about what the fans can expect from the upcoming season.

At the Television Critic Association press tour, Nevins said that since the show is now focusing on Germany, they have their eyes on what is happening in Russia and specifically on what Putin is up to there.This will be the first time that a prime time show will focus largely on Germany. He didn’t confirm whether the whole season will lead up to this side, but has said that at least the initial episodes will deal with the Russian question.

With Isis coming into the picture, Homeland Season 5 will deal with Edward Snowden and Charlie Hebdo. There are claims that the introduction of Isis will be an interesting element to watch out for since Homeland’s executive producer Alex Gansa had said that the Isis might be too extreme to be shown on screen.

Gansa said that the Isis and its ways are so extreme and that what they do is something that is not only difficult to understand and relate to, but also difficult to portray on screen in a manner that makes their activity justifiable.

David Nevin has said that Homeland Season 5 is going to be a great watch because the upcoming season will continue in the same format as the other four seasons. The show brings up something new every season and pushes the envelope. Homeland offers something that other shows don’t and with their interesting plot line, they stand apart from the rest.

The other themes that Homeland Season 5 will deal with are Germany’s tight security laws along with the growing issues between Western Europe and the Muslim world. Season 5 will take off from where the last season ended. Homeland Season 4 had ended with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) fighting to come to terms with the sense of guilt and disillusionment that come with having worked on the line of terror for years.

Carrie Mathison faced a terrible tenure as the station chief in Islamabad. After her estrangement with the CIA, she goes on a self-imposed exile to Germany where she works as the head of security for a billionaire.

The first trailer for Homeland Season shows Carrie being kidnapped and strangled, this had shocked the fans since Homeland is popular mostly because of her role in it and they were not ready to see her go off the show.

This rumor has been addressed since the producer himself has guaranteed that Carrie isn’t going anywhere since she has extended her contract with Homeland. Danes has recently signed a multi-year deal with Homeland and the fans are rest assured that the seasons will keep happening and Danes is going to feature in them.

Even though Carrie feels that she is away from all the action with her new job, she doesn’t know that she going to soon be pushed back into the arena again since Berlin will be the focus of all the action now.