Criminal Minds: Show Runner Reveals Plot-Line, Reid to Experience Love, Brewster’s Return Unlikely, And More

Criminal Minds Season 11 is going to premiere on 30th September and fans are still not sure who all will be a part of the cast. Jennifer Love Hewitt who was one of the most loved member of the cast has gone on her maternity leave and will not be available for the upcoming season.

Jennifer Love Hewitt played the role of Kate Callahan and her pregnancy was incorporated into the series plot-line. Last season was a tough one for Kate since her niece was kidnapped in one of the most challenging cases and the family had gone through a tough time.

Kate was made to go ahead and give in her resignation since she wanted to spend time with her family. This was done in time for Jennifer Love Hewitt to go on her maternity leave and be with her own family.

A.J Cook who played the role of J.J in Criminal Minds is also on her maternity leave. J. J missed most of the previous season and she is expected to be back for the upcoming season of the popular show. The show creator Erica Messer is always open to the characters retuning and hence she keeps the plot lines open. She has said that Jennifer Love Hewitt can return whenever she is ready to do so.

With many of the characters leaving, some news characters had to be brought on board. According to EW Criminal Minds will see Aisha Tyler joining into the FBI Behavioral Analyst Unit. She will play the role of Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psycho-analyst. Dr. Tara Lewis will be brought in to fill in Kate Callahan’s post. Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) takes her interview and is so pleased with her and he decides to immediately bring her on board.

The official description of her character reads that she is a forensic psychologist who loves to come face to face with the hardened criminals to find out if there is a conscience behind their brutal crimes.

According to zap2it Matthew Gubler who is better known as Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds will be directing one of the episodes in the upcoming season and another member of BAU is likely to leave the show on that episode.

Gubler has recently shared a photo of himself and that has caused a lot of speculations. The photo isn’t anything like what his character looks like. He has on nerdy glasses and an Afro. The photo is believed to be part of a flashback sequence or maybe Reid is getting ready to go undercover.

Season 11 has promised to hold some exciting things for Dr. Reid. It is likely that Reid is going to get a new love interest. Reid had suffered a huge set back when he lost his fiancée, Mauve and while she will always be special for him, the creators are going to give him a new love interest. By the looks of it, fans are of the opinion that Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) might be the one for Reid.

Reid had asked out Dorian Loker (Emily Churchill) out for coffee. This move that made fans hope for a love angle developing between the two of them, but Messer has said that Dorian isn’t the one for Reid.

Erica Messer as reported by Entertainment Weekly has said that Criminal Minds Season 11 will focus on the Silk Road and a plot where a hitman is hired to eliminate some people. The Silk Road has been removed by the FBI BAU, but even without their organization the bad guys are still very much present.