Fallout 4: Storyline Unlikely to be Declared before Launch, Crafting is Not Necessity in This Title, And More

If you talk to any Fallout plan, they will immediately tell you how excited they are, regarding the release of Fallout 4. Bethesda has some really great plans waiting to utilize and we have already witnessed some of them in various reveal and gameplay trailers. However, we have hardly noticed anything written about the story of this upcoming title.

We have been presented with several details of the game like proper character customization and a crafting system among others. Sadly, we haven’t learnt any possible details regarding the storyline. According to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, keeping the story secret is a deliberate move on their part.

Hines told IGN that he would be stunned if the company decided to reveal any details about the story before launch. They will allow the gamers to experience as much of the story possible, while the play the game.

However, there are various kinds of trade-offs you must make in order to build a substantial amount of awareness regarding what the game is offering. As a result, gamers must be ready to make some sacrifices. Fallout 4 was announced in June, which is a few months ahead of its November release. Hines declared that this was done in order to conciliate a group of internal departments at Bethesda along with the game director, Todd Howard.

According to Hines, Todd prefers a day to a week before the announcement and launch. He is a perfectionist and hates showing his stuff before it is out. This is probably because it takes a lot of time away from making the game, in order to work on presentations and demos.

According to Hines, Todd doesn’t have much of a problem with showing his game before it is released, but every time he does that, it leads to the discovery of certain wrongs which need to be righted. After understanding how highly anticipated Fallout 4 was, they decided to land ultimately on 6 months.

Bethesda Game Studios has a tremendous reputation and ‘it is both a Fallout 3 follow-up as it is a follow-up to Skyrim. This is further well-known to people all over the world. They were aware that Fallout 4 will create a lot of noise and buzz about it and they didn’t want some other titles to build that type of interest before launch.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have no idea about Fallout 4’s story. Going by what has been revealed by Bethesda so far, Fallout 4 will be set in Boston. It will tell us the story of a protagonist and his family, who rushed to Vault 111 on 23rd October, 2077. This happened after a nuclear war started with China.

Around 200 years after the war, the protagonist is the only one who emerges as the survivor from that specific vault. This will be the first Fallout game where the protagonist relives the experience of pre-war times. As a result, a lot of focus has been laid on the feeling of loss. Fallout 4 will be released on PC, Xbox and PS4 on 10th November.

Meanwhile, one person has already won one of the Pip-Boy Editions of Fallout 4 which is now currently sold out. At the same time, four people have already won Vault Boy T-Shirts. ThinkGeek will keep offering more Fallout 4 merchandize and copies of the game weekly till 9th November, so there’s plenty more from where those came from.

In the meantime, Bethesda had returned to its manufacturing partner in order to make more Pip-Boy replicas for the special editions of the game. However, the manufacturer finally decided to stop making such products and decided to focus on making more lucrative items.