Fallout 4: Storyline Unlikely to be Declared before Launch, Crafting is Not Necessity in This Title, And More

In other news, Pete Hines further stated that the crafting system in Fallout 4 is completely optional. If you don’t prefer weapon-building and post-apocalyptic urban management, you can totally skip this layer of the game. Pete Hines stated that it is a completely freeform thing that gamers can choose to do.

You can just choose to play quests and side-quests and focus on finishing the main quests. In that case, you can totally skip working on crafting or anything else. Pete further declared that there is a perk that arises if you build your town. Merchants will start arriving setting up shops, which is in turn, a benefit.

As a result, you can just buy the bits or decide to spend your time constructing and designing your own laser muskets in the most definitive manner possible. If you don’t want that, you can simply purchase stuff from merchants that you find and keep playing the game.

According to Pete, you can play the game and never notice that this feature was even there. However, once you discover it, you’ll see that it’s pretty cool and you might find yourself wanting more.

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