Dragon Age Inquisition: ‘The Descent’ Available, New Character Named Pala Introduced, And More

The new downloadable content for Dragon Age Inquisition, ‘The Descent’ is now available. At the moment, there are various reviews coming up, suggesting whether this DLC is worth playing or not. Kotaku states that this DLC revolves around the player’s character being summoned to investigate the mysterious series of earthquakes which are plaguing the city of dwarves.

The new storyline of ‘The Descent’ adds several new elements to the game. The most notable addition is the new area known as the Deep Roads. Using the Deep Roads as an integral element of Dragon Age Inquisition is quite a logical one, considering the theme of this new DLC.

IGN states that the new area is quite important for the game’s storyline but it lacks the much needed content which would allow it to become a standalone title of its own. The Deep Roads feature very poor designing which makes it rather confining than actually exciting.

Another issue that comes from Deep Roads is that the pathways and inner roads are so narrow that travelling through them is a headache and it is more annoying than being a rewarding achievement. However, even though the passageways are narrow, there are many small chambers and rooms that you can easily explore.

However, most of the small rooms will have a monster in them that you need to take down and in some cases; there will be a puzzle that you need to solve. The Descent also provides a great challenge which comes in the form of numerous enemies which move through the Deep Roads.

It presents a considerable challenge to the long time Dragon Age Inquisition players as well. The DLC is definitely worth experiencing, in the end but doesn’t provide much enjoyable content.

Dragon Age Inquisition is a multi-award winning title which has now joined the list of fun games that are available for download on EA Access Vault. These include famous titles like Titanfall, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Battlefield 4 and much more.

The Executive producer of BioWare further confirmed that additional campaign packs are presently in development. From now till 19th August, Dragon Age Inquisition Free Multiplayer Chest will be given to all members of EA Access Vault, as reported by Celeb Café.

BioWare announced the roll out of Patch 9 last week along with a new playable character called Pala, the Silent Sister. This is a Dwarven warrior from Orzammar who came into Inquisition and decided to choose exile in order to defeat Thedas along with his force of darkness.

BioWare character designer Luke Barret has introduced Pala in the official website, declaring this character as a fearless fighter in battles. In her gameplay, Pala makes use of a Charging Bull in order to get into the middle of a battle and then unleash devastation on all surrounding enemies. Due to this, she has been nicknamed ‘the silent wrecking ball’.

With each hit, she builds guard and she has a lot of abilities in order to take down multiple enemies. As a result, even if you get surrounded, this can be considered as a benefit instead of a problem. The story based DLC ‘The Descent’ was also supported with the game’s latest update.

On a sadder note, people who are still using Xbox 360 and PS3 will not receive The Descent DLC, which holds true for any future expansion packs and DLCs as well. Mark Darrah, the executive producer recently declared that fans can look out for more campaign packs for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One platforms.