Luke Hemmings Rejects Girlfriend Rumors, Embraces Femininity and Declares His Embarrassment Involving Songwriting, More Details

Finally, Luke Hemmings has embraced his feminine side as recently he decided to combat girlfriend rumors which involve his girlfriend Aleisha McDonald on the 5SOS Tour. Finally, it seems like the 5SOS singer is doing what people want him to do.

However, according to Sugarscape, this is what he did during his Houston concert. “Luke Hemmings revealed his true identity as an undercover pixie of the meadows, by stepping out on stage wearing a delightful floral crown.”

From the looks of it, all that drama involving his girlfriend is now a thing of the past. Luke Hemmings has also led his 5 Seconds of Summer band members into Billboards Top 100.  Ashton Irwin recently revealed that he has a girlfriend and besides that wasn’t much girlfriend drama trailing them into Billboards Top 100.

Before this took place, Luke Hemmings might have been using Louis Tomlinson baby news in order to avoid talking about any kind of rumors involving girlfriends. Luke Hemmings is a fellow boy band musician and he commented about the recent drama in Tomlinson’s life. According to Sugarscape, he declared that even if it’s the result of a one night thing, the way in which the situation is being dealt with, is quite cool.

According to him, the kid is being bought into a great position. He further stated that the baby is never going to face a hard time growing up and will be brought up in a loving situation. From his point of view, Louis will definitely step up to the challenge.

Luke Hemmings also declared that he is more interested in playing Xbox instead of getting a girlfriend. Most of his 5 Seconds of Summer bandmates are coupling up but Luke has had the habit of steering away from any kinds of girlfriend possibilities, like Selena Gomez and Aleisha McDonald.

This 5 Seconds of Summer superstar recently took to Twitter and stated that he spent much of his efforts on Xbox during this break. According to him, spending so much time with his Xbox has made him great at it.

In the meantime, Michael Clifford has declared that he wants his band to stick together and they will never go in the path of One Direction, losing members as their career keeps progressing. Michael Clifford is an Australian guitarist and singer for 5 Seconds of Summer.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, he stressed that a major part of their global success is due to their mix of band members. Another fact that helps with their bond is that no member is more famous or popular than another member.

The group gradually reached a huge level of fame and popularity and gained a lot of fans as their career exploded in 2013 and they finally secured a support slot on the world arena tour of One Direction.

When One Direction took to the stadium with their show in 2014, they stepped up once again for the opening spot. Right now, as a headline act, 5SOS are touring the world all by themselves. In fact, their second studio album is coming up, named Sounds Good Feels Good.

The lead single from this album ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ has become their best-selling song so far. 5 Seconds of Summer recently provided a sneak peek at their new album by releasing the song ‘Fly Away’ online. Michael wanted some feedback and decided to ask on Twitter, “Are you guys liking Fly Away? probably one of my favorites on Sounds Good Feels Good”.