Dragon Age Inquisition: ‘The Descent’ Available, New Character Named Pala Introduced, And More

In the meantime, BioWare earlier kept spouting that Mass Effect 4 will in no way be similar to Dragon Age Inquisition but they were wrong. In reality, Mass Effect 4 will be very much like that of Inquisition. Both of these titles come with a decision-based gameplay mechanics and have a lot of combat to be offered.

The only difference between these two titles is that Mass Effect has a science fiction setting, compared to the medieval fantasy adventures of the Dragon Age franchise. BioWare further announced that Mass Effect 4 will come with online gameplay modes.

Inquisition already has an online mode and this clearly shows how both titles are getting similar to each other. However, we cannot confirm on this claim unless footage of Mass Effect 4 is revealed. BioWare will most probably reveal Mass Effect 4 footage later this year.

In the meantime, although The Descent doesn’t promise much adventurous gameplay, it is still recommended that you check it out. Furthermore, if you are not an EA Access member yet, this could be the right time to join. The title has a lot to offer and the developers aren’t going to stop releasing updates anytime soon.

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