Half Life 3: Fan-Fueled Rumors Still Doing the Rounds, Gabe Newell Taken Aback by the Amount of Interest Among the Gamers!, More Details!

In other news regarding the game, a simulator game has recently popped up and it has been named the Gabe Newell Simulator.  This simulator lets you play the game as Gabe Newell himself.

In this game the player, in the form of Newell will be able to move about the building of the Valve Corporation performing various tasks. Many of the rooms portrayed in the game are inspired by actual ones that the company’s building has in real life.

It can be seen in the trailer that the game’s protagonist is a roughly rendered Gabe Newell who is wearing an HEV suit worn by Dr. Gordon Freeman, the lead character in the Half LIfe series and wandering through the deserted Valve offices and their space station with the task of shooting and killing aliens with his gun.

In the game, the player can also make the decision of whether to release Half Life 3 or close its chapter forever.

The game is still under development, but players can get their hands on it through the Steam Early Access for a price of $2.99.

Stay tuned for more update on Half Life 3.