David Gaider, Dragon Age Inquisition Head Writer Talks about His Time with the Game, Who Will Replace Inquisition In This Year’s Game Awards? We’ll See

The popular video Game Awards is back for its second year and it will be held on 3rd December. It was announced by Geoff Keighley, organizer and creator, hailing from Gametrailers.com. Furthermore, the event will be streamed live at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater. For those who are not duly aware, the Game Awards is more like that of an Oscar or Emmy Awards for games.

There are countless developers all over the world, who spent precious time and resources in developing their games and this awarding event is a way to acknowledge their hard work. Geoff Keighley revealed during an interview with New York Times that he is expecting around 4000 people to attend this event, compared to the 3500 attendees last year.

Different platforms like PlayStation and Xbox will stream the Game Awards. Geoff is also expecting the viewers to increase over 2 million, which is the number of people who watched it last year. Keighley further declared that Verizon will be their main sponsor. There will be other game publishers as part of the sponsors and in the awards event; they will be displaying their latest games.

Keighley further admitted that he spent around 1 million dollars of his own money in order to keep the Game Awards running in Las Vegas last year. He did in spite of his sponsor presence and still ended up losing money in the event. Presently, he declared that he will still continue the Game Awards this year even after losing a large amount of money.

He hosted the game awards show for a number of years on Spike’s cable channel, during the time he was working with Spike TV. At his final year at Spike, the event got turned to an online only event, named VGX 2013 and during this time, it was hosted by Joel McHale.

Keighley further revealed that Spike approached him again in order to handle the event. However, he denied and decided to host his own Game Awards event. Meanwhile, last year Dragon Age Inquisition was the winner and received the Game of the Year Award. The nominees of this year could be games like Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Rain and The Witcher 3.

In other news, David Gaider talked about the production of Dragon Age Inquisition, consider the franchise being presently recently over to Patrick Week. Ever since 1999, Gaider has been working with BioWare. He was the lead writer for Dragon Age Origins and ever since then, he has remained connected with the games of this franchise. Many of the series’ popular characters and stories have been penned by Gaider. The characters include Duncan, Alistair, Cassandra and Morrigan.

Gaider always embraced the extensive degree of iteration received by Dragon Age and he acknowledged the fact that fans were really quite obsessed about learning more about the cut content in Dragon Age. He knows that fans cling on to every detail regarding Dragon Age and as a result, he’s quite cautious when it comes to revealing such information.
However, he announced that Inquisition allowed them to understand ideas that they couldn’t use in its predecessors.

The idea of the game world was successfully executed by BioWare. The gamer ended up being the head of the organization and furthermore, the organization could be perfectly shaped according to your preferences, right from the beginning.

Due to this, Gaider was given the freedom to work more on smaller stories. He achieved a sense of accomplishment by connecting such stories to the to the original player character. However, this in turn, had its consequences. The game ended up having a story campaign that was shorter than what some gamers wanted.